Setting Priorities for a Successful Writing Career

Target writing Success

The tornadoes may have knocked me off track for five months, but as soon as we were back in the house with unlimited internet, I determined to get back on that track. It took a lot of work to get to where I was, and it seems like it takes even more to get going again. There is a LOT to say about momentum.

I have been spending some time visiting different chat rooms, forums and Twitter chats. I discovered what I already knew – I have to do all those things that I know to do if I want to get to where I want to be. It is a simple philosophy, but I manage to make it so unbelievably complicated on most days.

Top Priorities for an Uncomplicated Successful Writing Career

    1. Name recognition goes with face recognition. It is great that people like the column I write in the local paper. It is even better when people realize that it is actually ME that does the writing. I need to make getting a head shot next to the column a priority for the coming week.

    2. Keywords on websites. I work as a freelance writer doing keyword articles for companies around the globe. I understand how keywords work and yet I rarely (if ever) put them to practice building my own websites. Keywords, built into quality content, must become a staple in everything that I write if I want to continue building my career success.

    3. Understand my purpose. We all want to make a living doing what we love, but my business plan HAS to be about more than just money. Taking all of the bits and pieces of visions, mission statements and plans and putting them into something that works must be a priority for the coming weeks.

Working as a freelance writer leaves little time for building a writing and speaking career – if I skip the parts of doing those things that I know to do. I must be consistent in creating words – for myself and for my clients – if I am to reach the point of a successful writing career that I seek.

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