Developing Resolve to Overcome

One step helps develop resolve to overcome.
The image in the mirror caught me by surprise. After three kids, no exercise regimen and a summer with limited sun exposure it was not a good surprise. “I need to do whatever it takes to fix this.” I told the image.

“You know what it takes.” The voice in my head has never been known for its subtly, and it was right. That double whammy could have shoved me down a hole of depression, but instead I saw hope.

Tips for Doing Whatever it Takes

    – Plan baby steps. Making plans to change the world is awesome, but exhausting. Making plans for the next day or even just the next hour can take off a little pressure.

    – Choose now. The things that I did yesterday will not control the things I do today, unless I give them that power. Looking at right now instead of what should have been or what could be keeps the focus on the IS of the moment.

    – Review the progress. Look back at the things of yesterday to build on for today. Even when things have not gone as expected, there are still good steps that can be encouraged and nurtured.

    – Take a step. Move forward. Even the smallest action can make a difference. Take another step. Momentum breeds actions. Take another step. It is only by taking one step at a time that you will ever move the mountain.

Magic beans might be nice, but they come with their own set of problems. Besides, even with those magic beans my life will not change unless my heart changes. The “whatever it takes” is simply the resolve to be obedient and consistent in what I know to do.

Simple . . . just not always so easy.

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