Find Your Focus

Have a Never Lose Attitude to Be Too Determined to Quit

Get so focused on your BIG DREAMS that you are too determined to walk away – no matter what walls you hit or what nay-sayers may naysay. A determined heart will reach greater heights than a climber with mere talent.

The other day, I watched a video of a little kid trying to open a door. Try as she might, her short legs just wouldn’t stretch her far enough to get there. She picked up the cat sitting next to her, lifted it towards the door handle and set the cat down. Then the cat jumped, grabbed the handle, and opened the door for the girl.

She didn’t give up. She found her way.

When we get so determined that we have to find a way then we will find a way – every, single time. The key is to have the determination to keep seeking.

Never Lose the Dream

Never lose the dream

Joseph was woven for a purpose – just as you were woven for a specific purpose. From an early age, Joseph had dreams (literally) and those dreams showed him how his purpose would look.

And then he was thrown in a hole, sold into slavery, falsely accused of rape, and imprisoned.

Joseph held on to the dreams and to the faith in purpose the dreams had inspired. Despite all the ups and downs (and more downs), God’s reality shown bright when Joseph took the command of a nation – a nation that didn’t even believe in the God that had crafted Joseph’s purpose. Through this heathen nation, Joseph was positioned to serve as a conduit of blessing to the entire region.

Be so determined to live your dreams that the detours can’t stop you from getting there.

Never Lose the Faith

Never lose the faith
David was called out to be king – anointed while the first king was still in the position. After the anointing and announcement of his purpose, David was promptly sent back out into the field to watch the sheep.

He then fought a giant, married a princess, defeated the Philistines, soothed the king with his music and got a spear thrown at his head for all his efforts. After that, the king tried to kill David and hunted him down while David hid in caves.

David held on to his faith – to the promises of God – and talked with God throughout all the misadventures. He also yelled at God, cried to God, and whined to God – but he always found a way to settle back into the belief in God and all that God had promised. Devid held tight to the faith he would live out his purpose.

Be so determined to walk out your purpose that the valleys and ditches don’t slow you down.

Never Lose the Focus

Never lose the focus
Jesus was God. Jesus was the Breath of Life. Jesus was the Living Word. Jesus gave it all up and chose to take the form of a man because of the plan God had set before Him.

Because of His choices to follow boldly in the designed path, Jesus was taunted, challenged, ignored, imprisoned, tortured, and then killed.

Even as He hung at death’s door, Jesus never lost focus. He saw the end . . . and the beginning.

God has a designed path for you. God has crafted you on purpose and for a purpose. God has set you here, as you are, for such a time as this.

Be so determined to reach your focus that nothing . . . and I do mean NOTHING . . . can keep you from getting there.

Finding your path may not be easy. You get tangled in the acceptable norm of what people expect because it has been in the past or just because that is their expectation of choice. Actions are imposed by your own thoughts, the requirements of society, or the issues of the people around you. Worry works to hold you back.

You are more than expected You are exceptional. Get to a place where you can wrap your mind around this idea and then you will be positioned to unlock the keys to seeing your dreams, finding your focus, and holding tight to your faith. The more you invest in the better things the more you will be too determined to quit.

Be blessed,
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Find Your Focus

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