Uncovering the Easy Path to Peace and Joy

Path to peace and joy.
Finding joy and peace in life starts with understanding the purpose behind the person. It goes beyond what you love to do and uncovers the heart of why Love created you in the first place. The world will try to dictate the path that you journey, but knowing your purposeful passion will bring you to the place you were designed to discover.

The path to that life will be simple – all you have to do is what you were created to do. The steps to move down that path will not always be EASY because sometimes it means giving up the now for what comes down the road. In other words, becoming a person of purposeful passion often means living a life of sacrifice instead of selfishness.

I have read a lot in the news about Tim Tebow as of late. Football if part of society around here, but I never got in to it all that much. It was writing that brought me to football and to Tim Tebow. I started writing a regular college football column and discovered him during some research.

He had me at hello.

The recent ruckus over Tebow had me researching once again. I found that he seems to emulate the whole sacrifice instead of selfishness in a way that has a lot of people unhappy. For me, his actions are a reminder that I can keep making excuses or I can begin making my way to that purposeful passion for which I was created.

Finding the Easy Path

    – Stop looking at others. Each path is unique and so there is no way that I can compare my walk to the walk of the person next to me. I can encourage and support, but I can never compare.

    – Stop listening to the world. Things done with Love as the driving force will never make sense to people not allowing Love to drive.

    – Stop allowing the excuses to be the answer. There will always be a reason not to do what I know to do. I just have to choose to do it anyway.

I can reach my purpose if I am willing to make the choices that will take me down that path. The purposeful passion will bring a life of peace and joy, so the answer to which way to go is simple . . . too bad it is not always just as easy.

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