The Engine of the Family

Monday morning I got up, did my prayer time, got a couple of hours work done and worked out. I then told my older children that I was going to get cleaned up from my workout and they had better be up and going by the time I came out.

It was sheet day, so I was a bit shocked when I came out and the boys’ sheets were piled by the washing machine. I was even more shocked when everyone starting pitching in doing chores and preparing breakfast.

It hit me about noon.I am the engine that drives my family. Like it or now, if I stray off track they all stray with me. The good news is that when I do what I know I should be doing AND I do it consistently then so does my family. There are a few things that I am doing to help keep my family chugging along.

    I can’t only ask for help. It is easier for my children or my husband to help me out with a task. Telling them what to do while I sit around writing (even though that is work that has to be done) does not motivate them to get going.

    Once the train starts moving THEN I can let the momentum carry it and I can get some writing done. Even if it means missing out on my own breaks from the chaos that comes from living with a house full of guys. If the kids (and the husband) understand that I WILL follow through then they will be more willing to follow through first!

    Only ask the kids to do those things that I am willing to do myself. Sure, I’m the grown up and I have earned my privileges. But kids do more when the example is set than they will ever do from mere words. That means if I want the kids to turn off the television and get outside then I need to turn off the television and get outside.

It’s just three little steps but they can help me do what I need to do and power my family to do what they need to do. Maybe one of these days the engine can take a break and the train will be prepared to run on its own.

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