Piling up the Little Bits to Grow Up Change

A little bit of Faith begins to grow up big change in life

Just a little bit – that is all it takes to make a big mess or to make a big difference.

Just a little bit of nothing piles up into a big mess of nothing that takes a lot more than a little bit to overcome.

Just a little bit of action connects with a little bit of action to produces big changes and amazing results.”

I have experienced the little bits in my life – both the positive and the negative. I understand the power of the little bits – both the positive and the negative. Despite my experience and my understanding, I still miss the mark.

I sit around in expectation of God. I expect God to move in my life. I expect God to do in my life. I expect God to show up and show out. So I continue to sit around, waiting in expectation, maybe exerting enough energy to push my easy button until my arm is numb.


It is no wonder that I am still sitting in the same place I was when I began creating in my mind the image of my journey. I will still be sitting in this same place in years to come – unless I make the choice to stop sitting and stop waiting and get to doing.

God has not left me in the lurch. God has not left me without direction. God has not left me on my own. God has done it all – cleared the Way, drawn the map, and won the victory. He never once told me to sit around and wait on Him to do something. He told me to go, to do, and to be.

The only way I can live a life of Faith is to walk out a step of my journey and each step will bring me a little closer to that bold place that I desire.

Big Faith begins with just a little bit.

Be blessed,


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