5 Steps to More Money Writing

It seems to be easier to do something for peanuts than it does for real cash. Even though I try to produce the same quality content no matter who I’m writing for or how much they are paying, when the paycheck is more my nerves seem to grow in comparison.

The more nervous I am about a project then the harder it is for me to get started. I can procrastinate myself into a time crunch if I’m not careful. It’s just that I want to get the right opener and the right closer and use all the perfect words in between.

I recently started a project that is on the higher end of the pay scale. It’s for a new client with potential for more articles in the future. My nerves are so raw that I don’t even like thinking about the project – due in just a few days. The more I think about it and “prepare” for the writing the more I realize it really is all the same.

1. Do the research – that way I know more about what I’m writing about. I use the library, magazines and the internet.

2. Do an outline – break down the article in to paragraphs, steps or other ideas. This helps it to flow and makes it easier to add or subtract words as necessary.

3. Do a rough draft – get a feel for the article, the subject and the voice for the article.

4. Do editing. Kill the adverbs that you can catch and make the writing tight.

5. Send in the completed article by the deadline.

The writing it the same (or it should be) no matter what the paycheck turns out to be. The key is to NOT look at the dollars and concentrate on the subject instead.

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