Finding Blessings While Living with Boys

My family is a blessing – even though there are days when I wonder why I don’t run away.  This morning, my oldest jumped out of the bed before the sun was even up.  He made his bed, fed his animals, and then started cleaning and organizing the front porch.  It was such a sweet and touching time – and what I choose to focus on now that all the boys are up and the oldest one is purposely torturing his younger siblings.

It’s like that most times when we deal with people we love.  They have touches of sheer brilliance amid totally aggravation.  The key to survival and to sanity is to focus on the good things they do and say.  Those are the intentional things.  The bad, negative, annoying things are just part of life and living and aren’t what they set out to do.  We don’t try to hurt the people we love (well, maybe brothers, but they usually deserve it) – it’s just that some days we succeed.

I have to keep reminding myself that little boys can not always be perfect – even if they always seem to be perfect for strangers.  They are full of energy, excitement, and challenge.  Instead of getting upset when they turn on me, I need to take full advantage of the good times.

Tomorrow morning, if my son gets up the same way, I’m going to see if he’ll clean the deck – it’s needed it ;).

Kathryn Lang

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