Children and the Golden Rule

My children are helping out this morning and even showing their two year old brother how to do some of the chores.  I would like to take all the credit and say it’s the amazing upbringing that I have been giving them these last ten years.  The truth is, yesterday I was wondering who they were and why they wouldn’t listen to me.

To really keep me on my toes, my children behave in particularly good ways when I’m not present.  I can’t tell you the number of times that I have had teachers tell me what a delight they are to have in class (especially when they are in SEPARATE classes).

Maybe their attitudes this morning has more to do with my attitude this morning than I realize.  I haven’t yelled or ordered or threatened once (granted it’s only 40 minutes into the morning).  The key could be as simple as having a positive, uplifting attitude in order to beget a positive, uplifting attitude.

Maybe they are listening to me because I am listening to them and taking time to do the things that are important to them (like looking at a moth on the porch).

My kids aren’t really all that different from me.  I respond better when people are nice.   It makes it easier to do what I need to do when I know people will appreciate it and help me along the way.   Now, if I could just remember to treat others the way I want to be treated then the day should go just fine.

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