Building Relationships or Building a Blog

bridge to blogging success lies in building relationships

My journey into the blogging world began with a blog that had no focus, no direction and no purpose other than to give me a place to post all of the things swirling around in my head. Guidance from other online writers and techies helped me narrow down my niche. I also added more blogs to my arsenal so that I could still cover some other topics.

Once the blogs were built, I knew that the visitors would come. All I needed to do was follow the advice of all the different social media/writing/blogging gurus and experts that knew how to make my blogs explode. My numbers did increase, but not with the massive explosion that would send me to the moon.

So, I continued to look for ways to increase my numbers. I visited blogs, commented, tweeted and added every idea I could find to get those numbers and connections that would make me the next, great success.

And then I remembered that my success is not dictated by other people.

My Tips for Building a Relationship THROUGH a Blog

    1. Write what you know or what drives your passion. People can find information anywhere on the internet. Words that matter to you will begin to matter to your readers.

    2. Reach out and help others – without expectation of return. It is more than a golden rule. It is the best path to a life of success.

    3. Set your own level for success. I can let others tell me when I am a success or I can determine on my own what that goal will be and then work to reach it.

    4. Remember that relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Some people will mention me on a Facebook update, others in twitter and some will comment on the blog. The way that we connect does not make the connection any less worthy.

    5. Know my purpose for doing what I do. I realized tonight that all of my blogs and all of my mismatched posts have an underlying theme. I want to encourage others to pursue their goals with boldness. Knowing that purpose helps me keep the focus that allows me to build relationships while building my blogs.

Building my blog IS about building relationships. The two are not separate ideas or separate plans. I use my words to pour out the thoughts and experiences I have each day in the hopes that those words and inspire or motivate others to continue their own UNIQUE journey.

Why do you write? Why do you read what I write? Is there a difference between building a relationship and building a blog?

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  • Thank you so much for your tips on building relationships through a blog. I’m in the very beginning stages. So grateful that I “met” you during tonight’s #blogchat.

    • Hey Sara – It was a great chat tonight – and it definitely reminded me about the most important things for MY journey. What are you finding the most challenging as you begin yours?