Must Read Inspiration for 2011

The ladies on The View recently shared the books that have most inspired them and they encouraged their viewers to add the books to their must read lists for 2011. I had to go watch the clip for myself and I found that these ladies are very smart. Maybe that is because they chose two of my all-time favorite books and one of my favorite authors.

It got me thinking that maybe we all should have a must-read list for reading. Writers expend so much energy and inspiration pouring out words on to paper. Having some good reads can refill that well.

The View Recommendations

    1. “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – I LOVE this book and even have it on an album (those were the things people listened to before CDs). The book has inspired a monologue for my 13 year old son, a column for the paper where I write, and a post on my Proverbs 31 blog about stars that can laugh. The words spoken by the Little Prince at the end of the story are ones that have help light even the darkest moments of my life.

    2. “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman – helps you understand that all people do not express love in the same way. It provides some tools for discovering your love language and recognizing the love languages of the people around you.

    3. “This Present Darkness” by Frank Peretti – another wonderful book that leaves you with a feeling of boldness (or it did me). They did not mention the follow up novel – “Piercing the Darkness” – but it is also an exciting and inspirational read.

    4. “A Grief Observed” by C. S. Lewis – Lewis has a way of approaching even the toughest subjects with a calm reserve. I have enjoyed many of his fiction books, but this journal shows his own journey of dealing with the death of his wife.

My Recommendations

    1. “In His Steps” by Charles M. Sheldon – if you have ever wondered where the phrase “What Would Jesus Do” came from then you will find your answer (and so many more answers) in this novel.

    2. “A Man Called Peter” by Catherine Marshall – I need to read this one again myself. It is amazing how the walk of others can inspire me to do so much more.

    3. “Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do” by Robert H. Schuller – get the tips to help you count to ten and win. I have read it multiple times and my older children have read it as well.

    4. “How to Encourage the Man in Your Life” by H. Norman Wright – this one is for the women, but I will tell you it changed my life (and the lives of the men around me). It helped me see them in a new light and gave me the words and the actions to become a better wife, mother, sister and daughter.

There are so many amazing books out there, but the ones on my list are books that have read and re-read and shared (even buying multiple copies to give away). Are there books out there that have changed your life or your views?

Share your MUST READ book for 2011 and be sure to let us know why you think it needs to be on our list.

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