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5 Ways Freedom Arrives When I Remove Limits

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MAP IT OUT – Week 4 – Inspiration

Tuesday – Remove Limits

The fastest way to free inspiration is to remove limits.

There are real struggles and real issues standing in my way right now – but if I choose to remove the limits (if only long enough for the imagination to take flight) then I begin to discover that the real struggles and real issues are not actually in my way.

Remove Limits to Free Inspiraiton

A spark of inspiration can be the perfect fuel to keep me going when I feel like (or maybe it looks like) I have nothing left to go on.

    #GrowingHOPE - MAP IT OUT - Inspiration - Remove Limits

  • I made the choice to remove the limits of finance – so that I didn’t let the need for an income make the decision for me.
  • I made the choice to remove the limits of time – so that I didn’t allow my existing schedule dictate my potential. I know I can adjust and that things are going to change.

  • I made the choice to remove the limits of space – I know that I can shift rooms to make new room or more room in one way or another.

  • I made the choice to remove the limits of ability – because even if I can’t right now I can learn.

  • I made the choice to remove the limits of connections – it turns out that I am just a few people away for knowing almost everyone in the world.

I have to dream if I am going to build a life of impossible thinking – and remember anything outside the ordinary and expected is often dubbed impossible by the world. Dare to dream.

Living out a bold and purposeful life requires a constant supply of possibility thinking. Click To Tweet

Inspiration is not just about having the ability to dream- it is having the desire to see more than what is on the surface. I get there when I make the choice to release the expectations that are keeping me blind.

A YouTube Broadcast – A Moment of HOPE with Kathryn Lang

This Moment of HOPE YouTube Broadcast offers a burst of inspiration in under one minute

We are all unique and we are all individual and yet we all seem determined to do it the way THEY have told us to do it. What I need in my life is a little more encouragement to be outrageous and a little more dare to be different – – if I am going to pursue my unique goals –then I am going to have to dare to be peculiar in this journey.

Quote of the day for Thursday, June 1, 2017

“Reach for it. Push yourself as far as you can.” – Christa McAuliffe

Quote of the Day - Reach for It

The only limits that can keep me from moving forward are those that I let hold me back. It is my choice to see beyond the limits around me so that I can begin to dream about the possibility.

I free up my imagination to be inspired and to dare to be more than what is ordinary and expected WHEN I choose to remove limits.

Dare to dream and you will find a way even through the limits that are there.

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