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Make a Plan AND Follow Through

Plans come naturally to me. If you need a plan, I can put one together for you. I put them together for myself on a regular basis – sometimes on a daily basis – partly because I know I need a plan if I’m going to get there and partly because I can put off action if I am busy making a plan.

Yes, plan making can be an act of procrastination in my life.

I do need a plan. I then need to have the motivation and inspiration to take action within that plan.

Plan and Follow Through with Katharine Grubb of the 10 Minute Novelists

I can – if I will. I say it often so maybe I will begin to listen and follow through. After chatting with Katharine, I started immediately putting the idea to work in my life. I can already feel a difference and see a difference. The best part is that just a few minutes a day is easy enough that it is hard to come up with an excuse. I can do my few minutes and still watch that show that I wanted to watch. I can do my few minutes and still veg out with the family. I can . . . if I will.

    Make a plan.
    Layout the steps.
    Get going.

It is no more complicated than that.

Be blessed,

Do you have a plan? I can work with you to discover your uniqueness or to set up a plan for your journey. Email me at or drop a comment in the section below. You can learn more about the coaching and directed encouragement that I offer by visiting the HOPE Coaching page.

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