Door Kicking Possiblities - a Moment of HOPE

Kick Down Bad Waiting with Door Kicking Determination

Bad waiting never makes for good situations.

My husband asked me what was for lunch. I looked up from the work I was doing and sighed. “I went into the kitchen a few minutes ago to see if anything had spontaneously cooked, but it hadn’t.” In other words, we were both waiting for someone else to fix lunch.

Waiting can be a good thing under certain circumstances. Waiting can also be an issue.

Overcoming the Bad Waiting

    1. Recognize inactivity versus patient waiting. My dad and I sat on the back porch earlier talking about how we find ways to eliminate the thoughts in our head. “I focus on the songs of the birds.” “I meditate on my favorite Scripture.” We both shared the times when the to-do lists or worries would try to crowd out our quiet contemplation. I also shared the story about waiting for my lunch to show up. One was patient waiting and the other was procrastination waiting. When I learn to recognize the difference then I can rest in the moment or overcome the procrastination- depending on what is needed.

    2. Have a plan in place. If I have no idea what I am trying to do then I will never understand what step I need to take next. I need a written plan that can help me mull over the opportunities, dig around the walls or take a step back to the right path.

    3. Know your struggles. I have discovered that I get more done before the rest of the house gets up and going than I get most of the rest of the day combined. I have also found that around 2 pm, I hit an energy barrier that forces me to stop even thinking so forget about accomplishing tasks. I make plans to tackle my big projects in the first part of the day. I am scheduling some motivational moments to happen right after lunch. I am hoping that the combination will help me make the most of my best and even overcome my less productive moments.

I have all the components that I need to reach my success. I have to make the choice to hone those components. I have to invest the energy to get those components working in tandem. I have to choose to take action each moment of the day to see that the components are accomplishing their tasks.

I am the difference. You are the difference. So step out today. Be bold in your uniqueness. Stop waiting around for the lottery to come in or the fairy godmother to show up. Kick down your doors of possibility and move forward to your success.

Be blessed,


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