Labels Are for Canned Goods

Labels Are for Canned Goods

Another day, another ribbon, another “share if you care” request – it’s too much. Right now, there is a National or International day for almost every day of the year. You read that right – EVERY DAY. That means if you follow what they say, you never have to think about what to wear, to eat, to think, or to do. Someone has planned it for you.

What I wear or what I share does not dictate how I feel or what I believe Click To Tweet

Every holiday season, there is someone who points out that the holiday shouldn’t be a “one and done” celebration. Christmas should live in our hearts and create a spirit of giving. Easter should live in our hearts and grow up a spirit of hope. Veterans Day should live in our hearts and spread a spirit of appreciation. Thanksgiving should live in our hearts and encourage a spirit of thankfulness.

We don’t need – nor should we have – a day to celebrate everything or nothing becomes important anymore. It is all just one label after the next. I’ve already explained the problem I have with labels – self-imposed or imposed by others. As I have suggested before – and often to my family – LET IT GO!

I do not have to tell you to accept all people as equal. In truth, my words matter little. I have to live like all people are equal. My actions will make the difference.

Stop with the Labels Please

  • Teach the children well. I am raising three boys to be good people. I encourage them to do all the jobs around the house (from the DIY projects to the laundry). I try to speak hope and encouragement to them and around them. These will teach my boys to treat others with dignity and respect for more than words will ever do.

Don’t judge others anymore – determine instead not to be an obstacle or a stumbling block in another person’s path.” from Romans 14:13

  • Do all that you can do. Several years ago my husband and I had a bit of a disagreement that sparked the writing of the book “The Husband Whisperer.” I had two choices. I could take out my frustrations on him (I thought about it. BELIEVE me, I thought about it). OR – I could look at my own journey and see how to adjust. Changing my own journey made the difference in the journey we were taking together.

Watch yourself – see that YOU act the way that God has directed.”from Deuteronomy 4:15 – 19

  • If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. It still holds true. Find the possibility. Find the hope. Find the positive. That one choice will make all the difference in the world. I promise you right now!

Dwell on the things that are honorable, right, lovely, hopeful, praiseworthy, and positive – and the Peace of God will be with you.” from Philippians 4:8 – 9

I stood up for the underdog on more than one occasion in my life – only to discover that how I personally related to the underdog made more of an impact than all of my clamoring. If I want people to be different in the world then I need only to start with the one looking back at me in the mirror. Declaring national days or plastering labels will not fix it.

Make a change in the heart and you make a change in the world.

Be blessed,



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