Gratitude Friday 5

Revealing the Truth Helps Breakthrough to Triumph

Revealing the truth must occur if I want to breakthrough to triumph. My success is just over there, but I have to move over there to get to that success. I need to know where I am, what has worked (and why), so I can adjust for the move – or just keep moving.

We are there.

But no matter where “there” is I should make time to evaluate my journey.

For me, in this moment, “there” marks the middle of the year.

I started this year PROPITIOUS (which means full of promise), and that hasn’t faltered. I am full of promise. This journey is full of promise. My possibilities abound.

I started this year with the declaration of I AM WORTH IT, and that is still true. I am worth the investment. I am worth the belief. My uniqueness and design declare my worth.

But I’m not doing it. I’m not doing what needs to be done. I’m not doing what I want to do. And I’m not fulfilling my promise or my worth.

It’s my choice.

I am grateful for those around me that dare me to be more. Yesterday, Gene called to remind me that I’m a catalyst and the words I share make a difference. He also told me that words are chain breakers for those they encounter – those that are sidetracked, hijacked, and smoke screened in.

“Get back to the basics.” He said. “Pray. Read. Write.”

I need to kick start these next six months. Will you join me?

Getting Ready to Kick Start the Change

I have invested a LOT of time, energy, and resources trying to do it like THEY told me to do it. Gene gave me a swift kick with his words. I’m daring to take it to the next level. I am going to do what works for me, what has worked for me, and what I love.

  • Make a realistic evaluation
  • I had already been making a daily guide of what I wanted to do and how much time it would take. I used that to evaluate what I WANTED and what I needed and broke that down into a basic “Action Outline.” I included my daily tasks (from the White Board of World Domination) and my challenge tasks. It surprised me to see that doing what I want and what I need should only take 14 hours each day. It makes me wonder how much wheel-spinning THEY have had me doing.

  • Set short term goals
  • I am doing this to push myself out of where I am. I have gotten comfortable in my discomfort. Even though I want change and I talk change, I am not making change happen. My short term goals are to take the actions I set for a full 31 days. It is that simple.

  • Write it down
  • I have tried this before. I had a checklist for all the different actions I wanted to take, but it wasn’t easy to get to. I want something in my face so I have a continuous reminder. *PERFECT IDEA* I have the other half of my White Board of World Domination. The older boys mounted it on an easel. I’ll get some wet erase markers and use those to create a 31 Day Challenge Board!

My 31 Day Kick It to Win It Challenge

    These will be my daily actions for the next 31 days.

  1. Write, record, produce a podcast
  2. Write and post the quote of the day
  3. Scripture Readings (using the “In a Month” guides)
  4. Yoga/stretching
  5. 10,000 steps
  6. Chore chart
  7. Fiction writing (2000 words)
  8. Focus folder
  9. Drawing challenge
  10. Query challenge
  11. De-clutter challenge

How will you join the challenge?

Be blessed,

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Take the Challenge

It turns out that investing in knowing my why is odd to most people. Choosing to live out that why is just crazy. Want to join me? Join the “Challenge to Change” course and begin to build your world of possibilities. Click HERE

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  • I am 100% with you. I have such similar goals and achieving them is such uphill climbing. Are you familiar with the flylady? She helps me with the decluttering stuff. I have moved 4 time in 5 years. Couldn’t have done it without her.

    • I am familiar with the FlyLady. I have a focus folder that helps me stay on target and I’m excited about building my giant calendar 🙂 And yes, moving is a GREAT way to declustter 🙂