Creating Wealth with Freelance Writing


A job must have security to be a real job. It must include health insurance, vacation, guaranteed raises and retirement – heaven help you if there is no retirement. Even freelancers tend to fall into the trap, or at least I did. Granted, I wasn’t looking for jobs with retirements, but I was searching for those freelance writing gigs that would provide a regular income.

The truth is that all freelancers, regardless of industry, have the right idea. Create your own wealth opportunities and then you will be in control of your future. Instead of focusing on the writing gigs that will provide the freelance income you desire, create those writing opportunities for yourself.

Creating Freelance Writing Wealth

    1. eBooks – the future is in electronic books. The advent of the Kindle and other electronic reading devices has made this process even more likely. Freelance writers can now create eBooks to sale over the internet and all the income will be profit (less what the government takes because the government will get theirs). I recently took a teleseminar about writing eBooks with Maritza Parra and Jeff Herring that really set me on fire for writing eBooks.

    2. Seminars – there is always someone who knows less about a subject than you know so teach them. Become an expert in a field or choose a subject where you are naturally an expert and then share your knowledge.

    3. Classes – schools, community colleges, libraries and community centers are always looking for teachers to host classes. Now can be particularly hot for libraries because they are setting up their summer programs. Send out letters and resumes and let them know you are interested in teaching some classes.

    4. Online teaching – there are plenty of opportunities to teach online through websites. The addition of teleseminars has made that even more of a possibility.

    5. Tutor – parents pay good money to help their students learn. Host a tutoring group and increase the income exponentially.

The more creative that you get with your freelance writing opportunities then the more control you will have over your freelance income.

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  1. Hi Kathryn –

    I love your ideas about writing ebooks and sending out resumes to schools, libraries, etc. I’ve always hesitated with the latter because I’ve not had a book published (although I have had smaller things like devotionals published).

    Do you think these venues would welcome someone like me? I think it would be great fun to teach a seminar or a night course on writing.

    Susan 🙂

    1. Hey Susan –

      I think that all venues are hungry for different ideas and views. You could put together an eBook about how to write devotionals that will get published or you could teach a class about the same thing. You could also put together an eBook of your own devotionals! I’m beginning to see that the possibilities are endless!

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