Infusion of Faith: 3 Tips to Walk Not By Sight

We need an infusion of faith to walk in this world today. Some days, it feels like we need a tank – armed and supplied so that we don’t have to get out in the world. Let’s admit it, it’s more than a little bit crazy out there.

But the truth is, it’s always been a little bit crazy out there. No matter what century or what location, you’ve heard tales of things that have happened and you thought to yourself how crazy it was.

Because life is crazy and because life is crazy we need infusions of Faith that give us the power to walk not by sight, but in the power of that Faith.

Walking By Sight

I walked through our bedroom to the bathroom with ease. My nightstand light brightened my path. I needed the light because I had moved several boxes into the small space and I had to navigate around the ones that were still closed, half unpacked, and all the stuff that had come from the boxes.

It was a literal minefield. 

When we walk by sight, we see what’s in front of us. We may be walking through unfamiliar territory or we may have scattered mines around the territory we were once familiar with. Either way, we need to see to get through.

Walking Without Sight

As I mentioned before, I went to take a bath the other night with a mind-strewn bedroom on the other side of the door. When I finished my soothing hot bath, I stepped out into a surprise. At some point, my husband had come into the room and turned off my light. Now I had to try to navigate my way through the mines in the dark.

Without any light, I stubbed my toe, stepped on some bubble wrap – which woke my husband (and brought a bit of unnecessary satisfaction to my suffering) – and eventually stumbled my way into the bed.

When we walk without sight, we trip or get hurt. We step into the minefield without any understanding of what or how to get through. Or sometimes we just stumble into a darkened room that we know is full of problems but that we don’t equip ourselves to handle.

Blindfolded Distractions

Many years ago, I attended a youth event that started with a trust walk. And not just any trust walk. This was a two-hour ordeal in which the participants were blindfolded and then lead around different obstacles to help us build a bond as a group.

I was one of the shortest in my group – not because I had seen the rest of the group but because I’m short so I’m almost always one of the shortest unless I’m in line with a group of grade school students and even then it can be iffy.

Despite being one of the shortest, I kept walking into branches when we were outside going from one challenge to the next. It was never big branches, but just little annoyances. My anticipation of the next branch began to distract me from the trust walk and the bond I was supposed to be building.

“Did you feel that?” I finally asked the person in front of me – because we were all holding on to the shoulders of the person in front of us so we were connected.” 

“Feel what?” 

That’s when I heard it. A soft giggle off to my side. It began to dawn on me that maybe these little limbs I kept running into weren’t of nature’s design. 

Later, after we were unblindfolded, one of the guys that had been helping with our group handed me the tiny stick he had held out in front of me during the exercise.

It’s amazing how often little things can completely distract us from what we’re doing or what we’re supposed to be doing. And oftentimes it’s a little something that someone else has intentionally placed in your path.

infustion of faith

“Life is crazy.
Because life is crazy we need infusions of Faith that give us the power to walk not by sight, but in the power of that Faith.”
– Kathryn Lang

Walking By Faith

After 25 years in the same location, I knew every inch of the house. Because it was out in the middle of the woods, far from any light noise we didn’t provide, I had to learn the spaces so I could navigate them under any circumstances. I could walk them in the dark.

The electricity went out one night and I had to test my skills. I needed to get from the living room into the office to get the flashlight I knew sat on my desk. I took my first few steps with caution, and with each step, I became a little bolder, until I was walking confidently through the house. 

I knew the path, but more importantly, I trusted what I knew. 

PRO TIP: When one lives in the woods away from all light noise, one should keep flashlights in all the rooms.

The more you know the path you are on the stronger you can walk in Faith.

Infusion of Faith

Gaining an infusion of Faith comes with intention. Seek it. Ingest it. Hold tight to it. But when you get an infusion of Faith, you will discover not only can you walk it out, but you have to share. Sharing will feed the hope that grows up Faith.

Which is the first tip.

1. Get Immediately Around Other Faith Walkers

You’ll learn as much by seeing the Faith walk of others as you do any other way. If you don’t know any Faith walkers, you either haven’t asked enough questions of the people you know, or you aren’t looking (or you’re hiding in a closet avoiding contact with all people). Faith walkers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and seasons of life. Talk to people (the more they live encouraged the more likely they are walking in Faith).

2. Ingest Faith Affirming Words

Listen to music that offers words of Faith. Read books that promote Faith. Read Scripture and write out verses focused on Faith. Write out the things you hear and read. Speak those words in the mirror, when you’re stuck in traffic, or when you are in your meditation or on your walk. Read, listen, write, and speak until Faith becomes the foundation for all your words.

3. Share Faith Words with Others

The fastest way to grow Faith is to show Faith by sharing it with others. Tell your Faith walking friends about your Faith encounters. Tell your other friends and your family. Share with anyone willing to listen, and tell yourself if there is nobody else around.

The infusion of Faith today becomes the purpose steps for tomorrow. Invest in the Faith that will let you walk beyond the limitations of what your eyes show.

Looking for your infusion of Faith?

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