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How to Feed the Hope to Fuel Your Faith

Feed the hope to fuel your faith by being around others that have a boldness in their faith. Watching faith at work seeds hope that grows up more faith.

It is one more of the reasons that we need to be invested in others because together we fuel the possibilities to be more than we can be alone.

Find faith walkers and grow up hope to fuel your faith for your journey. Sometimes we need others to believe in the possibilities.

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February 7, 2020

Daily Dash of Twisted Encouragement

Feeding Hope to Fuel Your Faith

Hope grows up from faith.

But here’s the catch, faith is the substance of things hoped for. You have to have a seed of hope for faith to grow up and motivate action. And you have to have faith for hope to grow up into all it can be.

Do you have hope enough to have faith? Have you discovered ways to feed the hope that will fuel the faith?

I am a hopeful person, partly because I’m constantly on the lookout for the hope of the moment.

But we all have our weaknesses. When things are not going the way I expected them to go or when I’m doing all I know to do with nothing to show for it, then hope begins to fizzle. If I don’t find people who have the faith to reignite my hope then I’m headed for a crash.

Just like we all have our weaknesses, we also have our strengths. Which is why we are so much stronger and bolder when we go together.

My husband has faith in his driving abilities. The other morning, he drove off to work like it was just another day.

Me? I’d have called into work. I work from home and still considered calling in.

The rain started on Tuesday night, and really only let up for bits and pieces for two days straight. The water had poured out of the creek banks and across our drive. A log floated across the drive as I watched – not a limb, but a log, which I guess is better than a tree, but only by a little.

But my husband drove to work.

Either he has the faith that the truck (at least he took the truck this morning) can make it through the water and the faith that he knows exactly what he’s going to face. Or he’s delusional.

Now I understand why he looks at me the way he does when I speak possibility about an impossibility we are facing.

It’s probably like the 10 spies looked at Caleb and Joshua.

I looked out the window at the large lake forming over our drive and settled in for the long haul. My husband gathered his gear and our son and drove off to school. I watched them go, certain in my mind that the water would reach well into the cab but allowing his faith to feed my hope. I made the purposeful choice to hold on to the faith that he must have had to even start down the drive.

flooded driveway

My hope was based on his faith and grew stronger with his actions. Now, it’s not so strong that I will be driving anywhere anytime soon. It is solid enough that I might be willing to ride with him next time the water rises.

Maybe. Just don’t tell him I told you that.
He had faith in his driving. I had a flashback to a time when the floodwaters got the better of me. We were in two different places, and it showed.

You have to have the hope that can grow up the faith so that you can step out of the boat and walk on water – or jump in the pickup and drive through it.

Feed the Hope to Fuel Your Faith

Hope is a speck of light that casts out the darkness. Hope is a seed that grows up into mountain-moving faith. Hope is a single word that bolsters the heart. Hope is a smile that makes room for joy to pour in.

Find your hope so that you can fuel your faith.

  • Make time for the Word in the morning. Nothing will seed hope faster than the Truth of the Word. Because we live in a world of constant going and 24-hour rush, you have to make the Word a priority.
  • Make time to be around people of bold faith. Look for those that are walking the walk and not necessarily telling anyone. You want to see the faith by what they are doing, not hear it by what they are saying. An action faith will seed hope.
  • Make words of hope your daily mantra. Speak the possibilities and your heart will begin to grow up that belief into the faith you need to walk it out.

Sometimes we have to close our eyes and see beyond what the eyes can see to be in a position to fuel faith. As my husband drove down the drive and I watched the tail lights of the truck disappear around the bend, I had to begin to speak the hope. “Thank you, Lord, that you have given my husband the faith and the courage to do what he believes he needs to do. Thank you that you have gotten them to school safely. Thank you that you do part the waters.”

The hope talk went on because the mind will try to trick you out of your hope. I won’t tell you all the images my mind tried to focus on. I will say there were multiple images and none of them were what I needed to be focused on.

Hope needs to be fed and nurtured if it is going to grow up into the mountain moving (and water parting) faith we need to walk out our unique purpose with bold intention.

How do you seed hope to fuel your faith?

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Daily Challenge - fueling your faith

Fueling Your Faith

Make the choice for fueling faith:

Time for the Word in the morning
Time for speaking the hope
Time for being with people of Faith

The world will do all it can to smother your hope and keep it from fueling your faith. A heart walking in faith will change the world and the world has no interest in giving in to that. The way it stops a walk of faith is to crush the hope that grows it up.

Make the choice for hope so you can fuel your faith and change your world. Little bigs of effort feed the hope that grows up the faith to stand.

Quote of the Day

“A focus on the power of hope provides the lifeline to keep going.” – Kathryn Lang

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What Others Say

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Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Leviticus 25 – 27
1 Chronicles 6 – 10
Ezekiel 21 – 24
Proverbs 7

Scripture Focus - Proverbs 7:4

Scripture Focus:

“Say unto Wisdom, ‘You are my sister.’ Regard understanding as your closest kin.” – from Proverbs 7:4

Ponder Point:

Be so closely connected to Wisdom that Wisdom begins to seem like family. Connect with understanding to the point that understanding feels like kin. Keep investing in Wisdom and understanding so your relationship with Widsom will grow.

Share Moment:

What are some ways to invest in a relationship with Wisdom?

Study Question

Dig in deeper to the Word to grow a closer relationship with the Word.

How can we develop the eyes to see past the world?

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