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Choices for Breaking the Complicated to Live Simple Focus

Breaking the complicated happens with each choice for simple focus. Every time we look at all the stuff piled around us – or stacked up in our hearts and minds – and let some of it go, we are one step closer to living the simple and purposeful life for which we were designed and called.

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February 10, 2020

Daily Dash of Twisted Encouragement

Dare the Choices for Breaking the Complicated to Live Simple Focus

It shouldn’t be complicated. Thom Rigsby challenged the listeners to “articulate what you expect the business to do for you.” I listened and then I tried to go about my day, but his challenge haunted me.

Twice I started. Twice I came back to his challenge.

Why does something so simple become complicated when you try to be honest about it?

During the 7 Minutes in the Morning broadcast, I had shared how we often stay comfortable in our uncomfortable place because at least it’s known. Stepping out means moving into the unknown, and fear of the unknown keeps us stuck in the uncomfortable.

Those weren’t my exact words, but that was the feeling I tried to get across.

Maybe defining what I want to the business to do becomes complicated because the answer means moving out into an unknown place. I won’t break the complicated barriers until I am willing to let go of the comfort of my uncomfortable.

Friday morning I woke up determined to define this business as a ministry. I had visions of leading Word anchored groups at conferences. I determined to sit down with the pastor of our church and talk it through with him, after all, he had called the day before and said if there was anything he could do then to ask.

When the sun came up on my day, I was flooded in. Everything I planned to do fell apart. And there was Thom again, challenging me to see things from a perspective that would put me in a position where the business was working for me.

I hit a wall.

Right now, the image of the two guys digging comes to mind. One has given up and walked away just inches from his breakthrough. The other is still digging.

When I hit the wall, I gave up. It wasn’t pretty. I cried. I pouted. I vented. I couldn’t do anything about it because I was LITERALLY stuck in place.

That night, the floodwaters receded and I woke up to the super moon shining through the window. I made the choice to turn around and keep digging.

This morning, Thom’s at it again. Challenging me to do more than work and to think bigger than a job and to dare to build more than a business.

I know you are uniquely designed on purpose and for a purpose. I know the world is better for you and for me when we are invested in growing hope and sharing possibilities. I know that when we choose to be who we are designed to be then we will change our world.

And that is how you take the complicated and break it back down to the simple. Dare to do it your way. It will be a little bit scary and it will be a little bit crazy (if you try to see it through the world’s perspective) but it is the way to live a life in purpose instead of spinning on a hamster wheel.

Break the Complicated with Simple Focus

Break the complicated by stripping back the rules and restrictions and tapping down the fears back the basic simple truth of you. The less stuff allowed to crowd the heart the easier it will be to keep the simple focus.

    Stuck in a hole

  • Be honest. If you aren’t honest about all of it – from where you are to where you want to be to what you are willing to do – then you will never be in a position to create simple focus. Vision will remain clouded when honesty doesn’t have a place.
  • Be persistent. It doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen with one step. It takes consistent and persistent investment to make a difference. You can reach the top of the mountain when you keep climbing.
  • Be prepared. Bad moments will happen. You will find you are stuck or flooded in or crashed into a brick wall. Have people you can turn to when you hit the lows or places you can turn to help you again find your light (or maybe will provide a little light until you can get yours shining once again).
  • Be flexible. A tree that won’t give in the wind will break. A tree that bends and flexes with the storm will not only survive but will be stronger for the flexing. Look at where you want to go compared to where you are and then be willing to be flexible in how you will bridge the gap.
  • Be willing. You have to make the choice to let it go – whatever the it is that you are allows you to hold you down or hold you back. You have to be okay with releasing the stuff – physical and mental – that are piling on the complicated. You define your simple and you choose your simple focus.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, I just tend to invest way more effort making it complicate than I do in living out the simple focus.

If you want to be intentional in how you live and why you live then you will have to make the choices leading to the place where you are breaking the complicated into the simple truth of your unique design.

How will you break the complicated?

Challenge for Intentional Actions

daily challenge - breaking the complicated

Breaking the Complicated

You have to choose to keep it simple.

Be honest
Be persistent
Be prepared
Be flexible
Be willing

You can choose to keep it complicated or you can make the choices for breaking the complicated that will allow you to live your simple life.

Quote of the Day

“You can get it done IF you make a plan and do it.” – Kathryn Lang

#QuoteoftheDay - you can get it done

What Others Say

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Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Numbers 7 – 9
1 Chronicles 21 – 25
Ezekiel 33 – 36
Proverbs 10

Scripture Focus - Proverb 10:22

Scripture Focus:

“The blessings and prosperity of the Lord grows rich. He adds no sorrow with it.” – from Proverbs 10:22

Ponder Point:

God’s blessings are good because God is good – all the time. If you are struggling to find the good then look no farther than God. Focus on your relationship with God and you will find his blessings and prosperity are with those that dwell in Him.

Share Moment:

Think of a time when you knew you were standing firm in the blessings and prosperity of God.

Study Question

Dig in deeper to the Word to grow a closer relationship with the Word.

Moses was TALKING TO A BUSH and began to question the directions the bush was providing.

How have you questioned an obvious experience with God?

Bible Study Question - obvious experience with God

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