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How to Take a Step into Your Unique Design

You have to know our unique design if you are going to reach it. You can’t get to where you need to be if you don’t even know where to go. It takes a vision of the destination to drive the next step.

Your Unique Design

If I am focused on here then I can make choices to move toward here – and over there with the squirrels get fuzzy.

If I am focused on there then I begin to move in that direction and the here begins to get fuzzy.

You have to keep your focus in the direction you want to move and you need to know where that is if you want to keep your focus.

I spent the evening sharing focus struggles with some friends. We circled around and around – from why to limits to wants and then we’d go again. Each one knew we are uniquely designed on purpose and for a purpose. Knowing it and having it settled into the knower are very different things.

The more we talked, the more we uncovered – not just about each other but about our on personal walks. By the end of the night, I had a focus for my next step because I better understood my why for going.

Find Your Step

    Take time to define your why. It’s been said before and will be said again. If you don’t know why then you will struggle to keep going.

    Measure your focus with your why. Is the direction you’ve turned moving you closer to your why or away from your why (or does it have anything to do with your why)?

    Share with an encourager. Talk to someone prone to looking for the possibilities. It’s not that you want to ignore the kinks, but you want someone to help you smooth them out.

    Reflect ahead, not behind. The easiest way to get tripped up is to keep your eyes facing back instead of looking at what’s ahead. You do want to learn from the past but you don’t want to let it be the focus.

    Don’t be limited by what didn’t work. Try again, but try with a little different twist or a little different rhythm. You will never learn to dance if you quit the first time you step off-beat!

Knowing change needs to happen will not get you there. Understanding action needs to be taken will not make it work. Defining the direction by understanding why creates the path to your opportunity.

You have to know why to know where. If you are going to walk out your day in purposeful determination then you have to take time to define your unique design.

Be blessed,
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What are your top tips for braving the next step?

Launch into Focus

It’s time to turn your world upside – and in the good way. Determine your unique design and plot a plan to reach it! I can help.

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