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How to Build Relationships by Revealing Random Facts

You build relationships when you invest in engagement. The more information we share the more we get to know each other. The more we know each other the stronger our connection can grow. The stronger the connection then the stronger the relationship – and it is ALL about relationships. Since it’s all about relationships you need to be invested in taking actions to build relationships.

random facts to build relationships

Every year, Javacia Bowser of See Jane Write Birmingham encourages her connections to join her in the November challenge to #BlogLikeCrazy. I take part in #NaNoWriMo each November, but if you know me you know I love a good challenge.

This year was no different, and she had been sharing her journey on her Facebook group. Yesterday, she posted five random things about her. Today she challenged her group to share five random things.

I have LOTS of random things in my life – from dating a serial killer (okay, I went out with him once, but still that’s a pretty cool – or freaky, depending on your perspective – random) to having written 1,000,000 words in one year. I’ve written about those, but the ones I shared with Javacia were new to folks – even those that may have known me for a while.

Five Random Things

  1. I like Brussel sprouts. I confess I never thought I did. I never tried them before. It was only because of a change in diet and support of those changes for my son that I even gave them a try. Surprisingly, they were good and they became a regular addition to our side dishes.
  2. I once got kicked out of a funeral home. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say announcing “this should make a great article” when you are having a disagreement with someone is not the best idea.
  3. I once raced a racking horse in an arena race at a rodeo. Sugarfoot was the horse I received for my 12th birthday. He was a racking horse, but he and I quickly discovered a mutual love for running fast and jumping things. It seemed natural that we would try out our new found interests in the arena.

  4. I attended Catholic high school for one semester. Details are withheld in an effort to protect the author (who was in no way innocent). Let’s say that telling a teacher she’s number one (#gigglesnort) is never a good idea even if you are off campus.

  5. And finally, I once petted a mountain lion on purpose. I had a close friend that had several (before the law changed in Alabama). His youngest, Simba, stayed with him in his house and went around with my friend on a collar and leash. He was a big, sweet kitty cat.

We need to share more stories to create a foundation for building relationships, so what are your top tips on how to build relationships?

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