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3 Benefits You Receive When You Invest Time In Others

Invest time in others. Step outside of your routine to make room for others. The more you are willing to give the more you will discover you get in return.

invest time in others

Moving from homeschooling to traditional school does not only require an adjustment for the student. Mom has to adjust as well. I never realized how much of my own social interaction occurred because of the homeschool activities we attended.

I had the chance to visit with a group for the first time in six months and the engagement warmed my heart. I left feeling like I could do more and be more – inspired by the laughter, hugs, and smiles.

The event wasn’t close to home and I had to adjust my schedule to attend, but I got more for the effort than I could ever have imagined (and definitely more than I would have gotten had I not made the effort).

Everything worth doing and worth being is founded on relationships. We have to make the choice to prioritize relationships if we are going to build things worth growing.

Benefits of Investing in Others

  • When you invest in others, you shift your focus. It’s hard to be self-absorbed when you are investing in others. When you aren’t self-absorbed you struggle to mope or fall prey to discouragement.
  • When you invest in others, you make relationships stronger. The only way to grow up relationships is to learn more about others and spend time with those others. It is ALL about relationships.
  • When you invest in others, invest in yourself. You are stronger and better when you are connected with others.

We are not designed to do this alone. We reach higher levels and we accomplish more when we are walking this journey together. Dare to reach out and invest in others to make a change in your life.

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