Overcoming Circumstances – a Lesson on Growth from Mushrooms

Refuse to allow circumstances to dictate your growth. Circumstances can change in a moment. You can move from the circumstances with the right twist or turn. The moment circumstances have control they will rule and once they have taken root they can be tough to remove.

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The sun dominated the weather for several weeks in a row. An occasional rain shower did manage to break through, but only enough to wet the top layer of soil. The low lying areas had not held a puddle since the sun took control.

I took my normal walk around the property which leads me along the creek and through the fields. Most of the area receives bountiful blessings from the dominating sun. Even the areas hidden beneath the high reaching trees receive indirect light throughout the day.

I started noticing mushrooms in unexpected spots. They were standing out in the open field. Some were hanging out in clusters just at the edge of the grass. None of them where in dark and damp locations like I would normally find. None of them were on the edge of the areas where the puddles might have formed.

The amount of mushrooms and the location of the mushrooms left me intrigued. How could they be there?

I should have known. After my walk, my hair had curled so tight that Shirley Temple would have been envious. Rain might have been scarce, but the humidity more than made up for it. Looking at my curled hair and thinking of the mushrooms, I realized I could learn a lot from my mushroom encounter.

Tips from a Mushroom to Overcome Circumstances

    1. If I wait for the ideal moment then I will never have the chance that I desire. Thinking of this made me think of young couples that have told me they are waiting for the right circumstances to have a child. The circumstances are NEVER right to do it – whatever it may be. We have three kids right now and there are days when the circumstances are still not right for us to have them. The ideal of an ideal is just a mirage.

    Refuse to give circumstances control



    2. If I wait for the perfect conditions then I may miss the boat. The only perfect conditions are the ones around me right now. I may not be able to do it all, but I can begin at this moment. Until I begin, I will never have a chance of reaching my dreams.

    start right now



    3. If I try to conform to what THEY are doing then I will never fulfill my unique design. I might be similar to you. We might be walking a parallel path. We are still each unique – different – not exact in any shape, form or fashion. When I embrace that idea that I am unique then I open up the potential of all that I am designed to be.

    be unique

    Mushrooms may not have all the answers, but with a little creativity I can find many of my answers from their efforts. Now I just need to take what the mushrooms taught me and put it to work in my own life.

    I make the difference. I take the steps. I determine my direction. As long as I allow circumstances to dictate my vision then I will be limited in my journey. Learn from the mushrooms and refuse to let the circumstances dictate your growth.

    Be blessed,


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