Making the Investment for Growing Relationships

Making connections begins the process but growing relationships creates the path for my success. That first meeting sets the stage. It makes the next step possible. Reaching out, investing in that connection, will allow it to grow up into something that can help support my journey.

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I saw the post on Google+ about the Author Hangout show. I never seemed to make it to the broadcast, but this was the “Book Marketing All-Star Panel.” I have the books, but have been struggling with the marketing so I knew I had to make time to attend.

Some of the panel names I recognized but most were new to me. I came away with simple thoughts about marketing:

Tips from the Book Marketing All-Star Panel

    “Engagement needs to be the key.”

    “Building relationships must be the priority.”

    “Offer value to others.”

    “Grow in learning until you can be confident in your abilities.”

The information motivated me, but it was not the answer to my particular struggle. I needed more direction specific to my own struggles.

A few weeks after the show, I received a challenge from Jason T. Wiser of On Track Tips. He has been one of the panelists. He wanted to know what my biggest struggle was in my journey to success. I emailed him immediately and he answered me almost as fast. He even recorded a little podcast to help answer my question.

The information helped me regroup a little, but it was not the exact answer I needed to my particular struggle. I was closer, but not on the mark.

I emailed Jason a second time with a more detailed response to his question. He responded just as fast as before and offered to set up a 30 minute consultation to see how he could help me out.

We scheduled the meeting and I just knew that it would be my magic bean – because we all want to have it happen suddenly and without too much blood, sweat or tears. It was not to be. The meeting was wrought with technical difficulties and we ended up just chatting on the phone for a few minutes.

“This is not the way things are supposed to go.” Most of the time, it is not the way that things are supposed to go, but it is what we do with it that makes the difference. I took several pages of notes from that short chat. Jason touched on all of the things that I had been struggling to understand. It was exactly what I needed when I needed it.

Through the advice and encouragement offered, I became active in my journey. It is not enough to know it – but I have to do it. And the action WILL make the difference.

Action makes the difference - 9-10-14 small

“It is not enough to know it. I have to do it. Action will make the difference. Click To Tweet

It all started with me reaching out to connect with others through a live Google+ Hangout. It took me investing in the questions offered by those connections (and might I add the effort invested by the connections as well) to grow something more. The more I invested the better the results.

Are you invested in the connections and relationships around you? The connections begin the process but the relationships grow that foundation that will lift you up and hold you up on your journey. Make connections but then invest your energy, your time and your resources to grow relationships.

Be blessed,

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