Connecting Readers and Authors

readers realm connects readers and authors

Building an ally army begins with finding others that believe in who you are and what you are doing. You want a core group of fans, fanatics or just friends that will tweet, share, post and shout to the highest mountain about all that you are and all that you have to offer. You can find that and more over at Readers Realm.

Benefits for the Reader from Readers Realm

    – Readers get great deals on new releases.
    – Readers discover authors that may have stayed hidden or lost in the shuffle.
    – Readers get posts, interviews and other tasty tidbits from a wide range of authors.
    – Readers get special deals with every book launch.

Benefits for the Author from Readers Realm

    – Authors connect with others that are growing writing careers.
    – Authors are exposed to new fans.
    – Authors receive a built in support that will plaster social media with the word of the launch.
    – Authors find a home that will comfort and encourage them to keep writing.

The internet provides so many opportunities for readers and for authors. Groups that share a love of words, like the folks over at Readers Realm, open up doors to new worlds, new ideas and new relationships. Reach out to build an ally army and connect with others that believe in the dream of writing.

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