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No Dividing Attentions

Limited fuel gets divided by distractions

Divided attentions will divide resources. Divided resources will limit the fuel fed into each one. Limited fuel will ultimately limit the results. You have to focus your energy if you are ever going to become all that you are designed to be.

Ways to Avoid Dividing Attentions

    1. Write it down. Make a map of goals and objectives that will help guide you to your destination. The act of writing it down can help to push you along to your desired success. You will also find that having the written path will help keep you from straying off into divided attentions.

    2. Get accountability. Share your map with another person (or several people) that you trust. They can help pull you back when you get neck deep in the divided attentions instead of staying on the focused path.

    3. Develop a habit of review. Make an appointment to review your actions and the results each week. Work with the people in your accountability group or just take some time to go over it alone. Seeing where you are as you go will help you get back into the right groove before things veer off into the ditch.

    4. Think before you act, and then think again after you do. Compare the possibilities with the plan. Work through the options and you will find that not all the options work for you.

There are many things that you CAN do. There are just as many things that you may WANT to do. There will even be things that others think you SHOULD do. But you have to know what you are designed to do and to be so that you avoid dividing your attentions and missing you purpose.

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