Freelance Writing as a Business

The last few months has had me looking at my writing in a whole new light. I can continue to write blogs and content for other people with an occasional print article in the mix. There is nothing wrong with that path and it is a steady income. I can also make a few changes and adjustments and take my freelance writing to a whole new level.

    1. What is my business concept? The guys over at Men with Pens have been running a contest that has helped me focus my freelance writing into more of a business. It started out with my business concept. I had to come up with some ways to launch my dream business: my writing, my teaching, my speaking and any other concepts that I might come up with. Just thinking about the possibilities got me excited about my freelance writing career.

    2. What is my business mission? My Sunday school class has been going through a study that is based on The Purpose Driven Life. It is helping me to see beyond the writing to what I want to accomplish from the writing. I am beginning to see a clear vision of what my mission is for my freelance writing business.

    3. What are my goals for my writing and the business for the upcoming year? I had a chance to write a workbook for a company about putting together a business plan for the upcoming year. It reminded me that I need specific goals for my business (like creating a website to host all of my blogs, developing an ad pitch for my blogs, and putting together speeches and seminars to market). With out a plan there is not real direction.

    4. What are my objectives for each of my goals? It is just as important to put together steps to help me reach each of my goals and to include a time line. I may be the great procrastinator but even I will attempt to reach a time mark if there is one.

    5. What is my hope for tomorrow? Short term (for the year) goals help with immediate motivation, but having some long term vision will give me direction for my goals and objectives today. Many writers want to be “best selling authors” but what about becoming an authority in a niche. That is a goal that is unique to you and obtainable for anyone that sets out to reach it – with the right plan.

There is no success in writing without writing, but it is also important to look at freelance as a business. Putting together a business plan for a freelance writing career will help you to stay motivated and focused in the days, weeks and years to come.

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