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3 Tips to Keep Going When Things Happen

Keep going when things happen because things happen. All you can do is all you can do so you can be prepared to do what you can when those things happen.

It shouldn’t be funny – or I should say that I shouldn’t be laughing. If my husband caught me right now, it would probably anger him.

But, if I don’t laugh, I don’t know what else I can do.

Four months back, my computer crashed. I had been backing up on an external drive, but had moved from full backup to incremental backup and was deleting the older backups – which, it turns out – is not what you’re supposed to do.

When my hard drives died, so did all of the content created between that full back up and the crash date.

I cried. I picked myself up. I got back to it.

Two weeks ago, the new hard drives I had installed into my computer both crashed. I had backed up to two external hard drives and the cloud. I wasn’t even fazed by the crash.

Until I tried to get the information and it turns out my backups weren’t backing up the content I thought they were backing up.

I cried. I picked myself up. I switched computers. And I got back to it.

The morning, after two days of using the school computer freezing up – since we don’t home school anymore it had become a game computer I confiscated it when my hard drives crashed for the second time in four months – I contacted my computer guy and he said those words I just love to hear, “sounds like the hard drive is getting ready to crash.”

It shouldn’t have surprised me.

I had already spilled water all over my desk, dropped a plate on the floor, and tripped over air.

I didn’t cry this time. I laughed – because it was funny to me. I had mentioned to my dad the day before that I knew I was moving in the right direction and I was firmly embracing the promises that God had given me and I was determined to keep on keeping on.

Experience taught me long ago that when you get that focused in purpose the enemy will do all it can to knock you back down.

I sat for almost an hour, passing the time as I walked through the half dozen processes the computer guy had suggested, and then I quit watching. I got up. I got back to it. I’m still doing what I can do where I am with what I have – even if that isn’t what I had planned to do when I started my day.

It’s frustrating when things don’t go the way you wanted. It is heart-wrenching when you invest in something and then at the click of a button, it’s all gone. It is annoying when you get the momentum going and then someone throws an asteroid in the road and you have to stop until you can clear the road or make a path around it.

But this is the moment when the rubber hits the road. This is the time when you decide if it matters to you. This is the opportunity to prove to yourself and to the enemy that nothing, nobody, nada is going to keep you from taking your next step.

Snarky Rainbows tips to keep going

Keep Going When Things Happen

  1. Accept where you are. You can’t change the circumstances of the moment. You can make changes for tomorrow, but only when you accept the moment.
  2. Find a smile. It’s not always easy to smile through the storms, but even something little can be the key to finding your smile.
  3. Make an adjusted plan. Think about what you can do not what you can’t do. Create some little bits that you can tackle until you can get the asteroid out of the road.

Nothing can take the place of persistence, but when the going gets tough it’s a challenge to find the strength to get out of bed, so it seems impossible to be persistent in pursuit of purpose.

It’s okay to take a breath, but then find your way to keep going.

As for me, I shifted to my laptop which almost immediately locked up the mouse on me. I plugged in a mouse and kept going . . . laughing a little as I did. It’s not the way I had planned my day, but I am determined to be persistent.

Be blessed,
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