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How to Get Beyond Feeling Worthless

Get beyond feeling worthless because the feeling limits your ability to reach your goals. For the last week, I’ve struggled with taking a step – any step. I got tangled up in what others declared my worth to be.

Well, maybe that’s not what happened as much as I got tangled in my own web of deceit that convinced me that others were chanting how worthless I was.

It all started with a posting on social media. One of my goals for the month had been to post something for sale every day. The ultimate goal was to get rid of the excess that had been filling boxes and stacks around the house with an added bonus of extra change to ring in the New Year.

quote - find a way to keep going

Only, nobody bought . . . ANYTHING.

And the more my offerings went unclaimed the more I began to reflect that back on me. If nobody wanted what I had to sell then maybe nobody wanted me either. It makes me scowl even as I share the ideas that had clouded my thinking.

Holidays are hard enough when everything has changed and you are trying to find a new balance. When you top off the tough stuff with the condemning negatives of worthlessness, it’s almost unbearable.

Fortunately, the practice I have invested in thinking positive things managed to prevail – most of the time. I found a little positive here and a little positive there and before long I was enjoying the journey again.

Worthless thoughts are more tools the enemy will use to stop you in your tracks. If you are going to keep going – and you have to keep going to get there – then you have to find a way to get beyond the worthless ideas that will try to block your way.

Get Beyond Feeling Worthless

    Quote - refuse to give feelings control

  • First, you need a plan. If you don’t know where you are going then you can’t get there – no matter how hard you try. You can do a lot of things, but in the end, those things may or may not be moving you closer to where you need to be because you don’t know where that place is located. Make a plan.

  • Second, you need a reminder. When the worthless thoughts attack, you need a lifeline or safety buoy to keep you afloat until you can start swimming again. No matter what the cartoon movie says, you can’t keep swimming when you have nothing left to give. The reminder of your worth and your importance can keep you from going under.
  • Third, you need a consistency. When the going gets tough, you will often end up running on autopilot. When you build a habit of little bits of intentional actions then you will default to that place no matter what you come up against.
  • Fourth, you need a purpose – one that is bigger than self. Your unique design centers around being a blessing and living blessed – and that is beyond self. Invest in understanding and uncovering your purpose.
  • And finally, you need accountability. When you fall off the path, you need someone that will help you out of the ditch or let you know you’ve been stuck in the rut and just spinning your wheels. Invest in people, groups, or opportunities that will help you stay accountable.

It’s tough to stay focused on a unique design when the going is good. When the sun shines, the breeze is perfect, and the flowers bloom in all the right places, you can still get side-swiped by the unexpected feelings of worthlessness. During the shorter days and longer nights, it seems to be even easier to fall into the traps of worthlessness.

Invest in knowing who you are. Settle into knowing WHOSE you are. The more you grow in your uniqueness the less hospitable the feelings of worthlessness will find your journey.

Be blessed,

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