Proverbs Walk Leads to Peculiar Life

I was called to be peculiar – and I have been very successful at the attempt if you ask people that know me. My goal has never been to fit in or fade out – but to make a statement. Sometimes those statements are worth remembering and sometimes they NEED to be forgotten (can you say Princess Leia braids?).

The last several months I have been trying to find my place in this world of income and finances while balancing my gifts. The writing has pulled in enough for our family to survive most months, but focusing on the money made me lose the vision of my purpose.

Recent events reminded me that it is not about being liked. It is not about being right. It is not even about being wealthy. My walk has to be about living the truth through every aspect of my life. I have to do the things that I have been called to do and do them with boldness.

That is why I have decided to bring back the Peculiar in the title of this blog. Living the Proverbs life is a peculiar walk in the eyes of the world. Walking in peace and joy despite circumstances makes people look at you just a little oddly. Being bold enough to walk in faith and not fear will have people talking about just how strange you have become.

I want more people to experience the peculiar life. My hope and prayer and passion is to encourage others to step out into the possibilities and leave behind the problems the world requires us to focus on instead. It lifts me up to give others the wings to fly beyond what the world says must be reality and to reach the point of extraordinary.

Will you join me in this adventure to be peculiar through the principles found in Proverbs?

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