Proverbs 31 Life is Self-Sufficient

This morning I got up and started thinking about all of the things “we” need to get done. Two hours later I’m the only one up and only one of the projects have been tackled. Granted my left wrist is in an ace bandage – but one excuse is just as good as another.

Making my plans for the day I factored in what the kids and my husband would do. It’s a built in reason NOT to complete a task. I know because I’ve perfected that particular form of procrastination. It’s easier to whine about the help I didn’t receive than it is just to do what I’m whining about or at least it FEELS easier.

    Who are you waiting for to walk with you before you get started exercising?

    Who are you waiting for to pick up the first mess so that you can get the rest of it done?

    Who are you waiting to save money before you pull back on your own spending?

The Proverbs life is not about waiting or about others. It is a personal walk that must rely on self and on that ever important relationship with God. You are the only person that you can change and even that requires the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You are the only human that you can make do anything.

Key Steps to Creating a Sufficient Life

    1. Your actions will not always motivate another person’s actions. If you expect it then go ahead and plan for disappointment. Just do what you know to do and the rest will take care of itself.

    2. You attitude will affect your actions. You can have the cleanest, most organized house in the world but if your attitude stinks then so will your home. Do it all with a joyful heart and your all will be enough.

    3. Your focus must be on God. A sufficient life is only possible when the focus is on God.

Self-sufficiency is not about doing it all without any help. It is about doing all that you are called to do with the only expectation falling on God. God will NEVER forsake you. He is always on time, in the right place and with all that you need. Self-sufficiency is about allowing others to walk their walk without disappointing you along the way.

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