From Victim of Life to Author of Life

Making Choices

A person that does not author life will be a victim of that life.

I read the words and they made me stop and examine my life. The author talked about how a fish could not be the one that discovered water because water has always been a part of the life of the fish. Fish do not see water as something worth discovering.

He wanted me to think that if I am not the author of my life then I am the victim of that life. I think that I understand that idea, but I am not so sure that I like it. It seems too harsh to realize that IF I am not choosing the direction of my life THEN I am at the whim of the circumstances of my life.

I must choose to determine.

Steps to Become the Author of MY Life

    1. Make a choice. There has to be a direction if I am going to begin moving.

    2.Take a step. No journey can be completed until it is started and you can only start with that first step.

    3. Repeat step one and two. You have to keep going to keep going.

Circumstances should not be the things dictating my life. I have to take control to make things happen. Choices take me from being a victim of life to being the author of life.

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