Ignite the Imagination for Writing Success

ignite the imagination for writing success

Finding the keys to ignite the imagination drives you to writing success. Imagination sees what others miss and in ways that others could never begin to comprehend. Nurturing the imagination allows for the expansion of worlds into stories never told.

The days of my childhood fostered my imagination. I was off in the jungles hanging out with Tarzan, hunting down Batman, or running from the bad guys with Big Foot and Wild Boy. Growing up that imagination was allowed to continue and I would ride off into the woods in search of the White Stag.

Becoming an adult required that imagination be put in a closet – only to be removed for special occasions (like holidays or drama productions). Playing was not okay anymore. Grown people see the world as it is and not the things that lie just past the reality.

Writers MUST see things with a different slant. Even writers of non-fiction must plow through the ordinary and expected to unlock the possibilities. Igniting the imagination will make it possible to taste the rainbows and develop the ability to share that experience with those that read the words.

Tips to Ignite the Imagination of the Writer

    – Move the writing around. Each writing opportunities will present challenges and provide growth. Blog, tweet, compete in contests and find any opportunity to let your words shine. Try writing the same thing for all the different avenues so that you challenge your muse to dance in ways she never has danced before.

    – Write what you feel. The moment a situation occurs, put down the words that reveal that point in your life. It will challenge you to develop a habit of SHOWING emotions and not just telling a story.

    – Practice story telling. Sit at the mall or other spot where people pass by. Pick one person and write a brief story about why that person is there or a simple history of that person. This will challenge you to get in the skin of others and see the world from eyes other than your own.

    – Play with kids. Get down on their level and play the games that they are playing – according to their rules. Listen to them talk and tell their tales. This will challenge you to once again begin seeing the world with the wonderment, innocence and amazement of a child.

Practice imagination to make it real. Think of imagination as the ability to bring images to life. Developing the art of imagination will ignite the ability to build success as a writer.

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