Moral Dilemma or When to Stand and Fight

My friend and I were talking several months back. She was sharing a situation in her life that I know many of us have faced. I struggled to help her find her answer because I struggle with my own resolution. I am interested to hear what you think.

Question: If you are standing up against a bully and others are feeling the effects of your stand, do you back down or keep standing?

I was asked this question recently and it took me in a lot of directions. It took me down a political rabbit hole – one that seems bottomless even at first glance. It took me down a religious fog that has plenty of ideas but very little truth. It took me back to a visit I had with some other ladies about love, submission, perfect, and other words that we have left to be defined by the world. It took me on a roller coaster of legal issues that involve hot coffee, the word “is,” and the privacy of a public figure.

I have always been taught to stand up for the little guy. I root for the underdog. I cheer on the less likely. It has been my nature for as long as I can remember. The question of “would you stand up” never came up because I never saw another way.

Growing up in my Spiritual walk, God tells me that He will take vengeance – because “vengeance is mine says the Lord.” Peace and love are the calling cards of my God and the driving force behind all that He does and He desires peace and contentment for His children. He takes care of His children when they are walking out His will.

Now my nature and my nurture seem to be colliding and the explosion is painful and confusing. Do I stand or do I go? Do I continue to take a stand for what I know to be the right thing and the better thing and in the process rock the boat? Do I continue to back up the underdog and speak out for the underdog that has nobody to speak out for her or do I pat her back and tell her I love her but leave the rest of the dust to settle? Do I speak the truth even when I know that the majority around me will be upset at what I speak?

The different ideas and directions overwhelm my heart and mind. I am working on walking out a life not dictated by fear, anger, or guilt, but these questions have answers that fall on all the sides. Guilt that inaction could cause more harm – which I think is fear as much as guilt. Anger that others are backing away when they know to stand tall but understanding that the pressure can be tough to bear.

How do you deal with the people and situations that are determined to force you down?

I turned it over to God and I keep running back to Him when the emotions begin to creep in. He will be my guide and my directive and I know that He will provide my answer if I am willing to dig into His Word.

Be blessed,

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How do you handle things when nurture and spirit are seemingly at odds?

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