Where Is My Passion

I was created to be passionate. There is a unique (and some might say peculiar) twist to me as a person that directs my interests and my excitement in one direction or another. It is that ministry or service opportunity that lights up my whole face when I talk about it.

Passion will NOT be denied. If a God given passion is not able (or not allowed) to be filled then it will be filled in another way. In my life it has been food and television (in some other person’s life it might be alcohol, business, games or any number of things). Satisfaction will be found.

Although I thought I was walking the path that God wanted, I had a rude awakening this weekend. “When passion is ignored it will be filled in other ways.” That was what I was doing. I was ignoring my God given passion – because there was no chance to teach at church, because no one had asked me to write a book or bible study, because . . . I have plenty of excuses. The why is not that important but the what is important. My actions or inactions were forcing my passion in a direction other than the path God has set forth.

I changed that yesterday. I made a point to fast off the two things that my passion veers towards the most (sweets and television). It is something I intend to do for the rest of the week. But even more important I REPLACED those items with others. I went outside and played with the kids, I got up and danced when I just HAD to have a break, I read my scripture and did a bible study in the middle of the day.

When the urge strikes me to do something – anything – I have started asking myself “where is my passion?” I want the things that I do, see, read and hear to amplify the passion that I have for God’s purpose and for it radiate to the world around me.

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