The End is Near

There are only a few more weeks left in 2008 and I have NOT completely my resolutions from New Years. It is so easy to put off doing what I know to do and even think the excuses are legitimate:

    I need to sweep the floor
    I have to watch this news report
    I have been working all morning and just need a break
    The kids have to have bathes
    The refrigerator needs cleaning out
    I’ll do it tomorrow
    I’ll do it later

And I’m just getting started. I have an excuse for everything, every time and every mood. But they all boil down to procrastination – just not doing it. If I want to meet my goals for 2008 and want to create goals for 2009 then I have to buckle down, get to work and determine that no THING, no PERSON and no EXCUSE is going to get in the way of doing what I have to do.

    1. Jump in with both feet. It is easy to say that I will do this little bit today and then a little bit more tomorrow, but most of us like to see results. With out something definite to show for the efforts we tend to give up. Tackle your goal with both hands and the differences that you see will encourage you to carry on.

    2. Take it slow. This may seem like a contradiction but it’s about the number of changes not how you take the changes. Making lots of goals and objectives for the New Year is good, but just tackle one goal at a time. Too much change could make you give up too soon.

    3. Be accountable with a friend or family member. Find someone that has your best interests in mind and share your plans with them. Ask them to keep you accountable to your goals. It is harder to back out of doing what you know to do when you know someone else is watching.

    4. Replace a habit. It is almost impossible to give up a bad habit. The answer is to exchange the bad habit with something that is good. Set your goals to balance your life from the negative over to the positive.

    The end may be near, but it is not too late. There are still plenty of weeks left to salvage your resolutions and start planning for the New Year. Don’t wait – start now! And whatever you do, just do it.

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