Kids and Christmas

Teaching kids about the true meaning of Christmas can be tough these days. Their minds are bombarded with images of self indulgence – even the emblem of the Santa Claus is focused on giving the good little girls and boys the wishes on their lists. It’s all about what I can have!

It may be tough overcoming the attitudes being thrust on the children but it is worth it. Teaching kids how to focus time and energy (and money) on those less fortunate and those around them will teach the kids that life is more than just “what’s in it for me.”

    1. Volunteer to help with a Christmas dinner at a local church or shelter. Your kids may be too young to actually help serve but they can help set up and clean up and be smiling faces for those who stop by.

    2. Have them pick at least one gift of their own that is going to charity. Make sure that they understand before hand and even let them pick it out before you buy it. Take the gift toys to a shelter as a family.

    3. Go through toys, closets and shelves before the holiday season is on top of us. Set aside those things that are still nice but that the kids just no longer play with any more. Donate these to the toy drive in your community.

Helping others will give your kids a new way to look at Christmas. It will take the focus off of the getting and help them to see that the best gift that can be received is the one that comes from helping others.

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  1. I really enjoyed this article, and I love the wonderful layout of the site. so clean and simple.

    I have been wanting to incorporate the idea of giving with my children this holiday season. I think I am going to take your idea #2. We are going to turn Christmas giving into a fun activity.

  2. Miracle – thanks for stopping in. We try to add something every year or so to our Christmas traditions. Some things we keep from year to year and some don’t hang around for long. The trying is what makes it a family affair in our home.

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