More Ways to Earn Money Without a Job

Six months ago, we began an experiment we didn’t see coming. When a turn of events took away our main income – and only regular paycheck, it would have been easy to panic. There were several nights when I think that’s exactly what I did. But worry won’t get you very far and every problem is a good thing if you look at it as a challenge to take your life to the next level.

Our family came together to do just that! We are all looking for ways to earn money that we have been overlooking for all these years.


1. This is the year that we really sale lots of the plants we have growing in the gardens. In all, we probably have around two or three thousand iris and daylilies that we can sale as root plants. There are also lots of plants that can be put in pots to take to the farmer’s market or festivals in the area. It may not make us rich over night, but the money from the plants will definitely put some change in the kitty.


2. The hubby is following his passion to work with youth in drama in a Christian environment. Starting next month he will be teaching private and group lessons – in our own facility or in theirs! This will not only bring in money but it will bring happiness to the people he works with and to him as well.

3. My writing has taken a new turn (or reversed back to one I knew before freelance) and I am doing grant consulting once again. The more time and effort I can devote to the projects the more income I can pull in.

4. The whole family is purging deep this spring to make way for what God has in store. We will take the best items to a local flea market or else have a sale at our new facility (and donate partial, if not all, proceeds to the new arts academy.)

5. Everyone is working together to make sure the house stays clean, the baby stays happy and everything that needs to run does run – and smoothly. This leaves time for the hubby to help the neighbor with some tasks for a few bucks or to mow a friend’s yard that has to be out of town.

There is an amazing amount of money to be made when you step outside society and look around. Six months ago I would not have imagined that I would be in the place financial with my writing that I am right now. Even better is the thought that six months from now things will be even better.

Keep pushing through and you will find the silver lining. Keep on climbing and you will reach the top. Keep on looking for the financial opportunities and you will find ways of making money without having to work the traditional job.

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