Dominate Your Internet Niche Market

To be successful in any industry you have to establish yourself (or your company) at the top of that industry. Consumers need to look to you for advice or information about that particular market.

The internet is no different. Some of the people who are raking in the big dough are those that have established themselves as experts in their niche – either through time, education or endorsements. But becoming an expert is only one way to dominate your internet niche market.

1. Choose a subject that is near and dear to your heart. Passion will go a long way to establish your dominance (just keep your writing tight and informative).

2. Build your links. Write for the free articles sites (ezinearticle is one of the top), comment on other blogs and forums – related or in your market area, offer to guest post on other sites. There should always be a place for a signature or author’s box where you can offer a link to your site.

3. Offer freebies or contests to increase you visitors. Everyone likes feeling that they are getting something for free and most people are willing to pass the word on to other friends and family.

4. Participate in a blog carnival. There are several that I submit to on a regular basis (the Carnival of Christian Women and the Carnival of Christian Writers are two of them – thanks ladies). You can meet some neat people, get a boost in visitors and find some great blogs.

5. Keep writing. Content is still king – no matter what some experts say. If you are producing quality content then you will get visitors that not only share your site but that stick around.

It may take a little time and some hard work, but establishing yourself as a dominate force in the internet niche of your choice will be the beginning of a whole new life.

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  • Thanks for the link to ezinearticle! Good tips here, and all true. Blessings, e-Mom @ Chrysalis

    BTW, nice to meet you. I’m here from the Carnival of Christian Writers. :~D

  • Hey Chrysalis,

    Thanks for stopping in. I actually get quite a few visitors from my ezinearticle posts AND they send me a nice little treat each Christmas (this year I got a mouse pad).