Aiming to Be Uncommon

Being normal is over rated. Most people are normal. It takes some that is uncommon to reach the mark of extraordinary. Stepping up to uncommon is not as difficult as you might think it would be.

Tips to Becoming Uncommon

    1. Let others go before you in the check out line. Time it if you must. You will only set back your day by a couple of minutes and you will add much more than minutes to the person you let go first.

    2. Pick up a cart that is not yours and put it away.

    3. Smile.

    4. Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru. Maybe you will launch a HUGE pass it one with the purchase of one meal.

    5. Mow the lawn of a neighbor who is one vacation.

    6. Do extra at work just to help out and with out expectation of return.

    7. Only buy the things that you actually need or use.

    8. Have company over every week.

    9. Give something away every day. Release the clutter in your home, your heart and your life.

    10. Call out the manager to tell him or her what a great job your server did.

    11. Call a friend and offer to watch the kids so that she can go out.

    12. Send a note or card to someone that you have been thinking about and make it a regular practice every day or a couple of times each week to send a note or card to a friend or family member.

    13. Pick up the mess in the kitchen even if you did not make the mess in the kitchen (and you cleaned it up yesterday).

    14. Do more but expect less.

    15. Speak a good, positive and uplifting thing about all the people in your life each and every day.

    16. Do what you say you will do every time that you say it.

    17. Let your “no” mean no and your “yes” mean yes. Say what you mean and quit making excuses.

    18. Laugh every day.

    19. Spend time with the people that you love every day even if it means waiting until later to do the dishes or finish the report.

    20. Make the most of each moment of your day by choosing to do instead of waiting for things to happen.

Be unique, be unusual and be extraordinary by determining to make your actions and attitudes uncommon. It can be easy to normal and to fit in but to reach the top of the mountain you have to reach out and go beyond.

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  1. Hi Kathy,

    You reminded me of a book that was recommended to me by Tony Dungy, Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance. It is Christian based, inspiritational, and geared toward young men. I plan on reading it to my son, and passing it on to him.

    Helen 🙂

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