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Finding Ways to Consistent Blog Posts

Finding the inspiration to do one post every day for your blog can be difficult on good days. Bad days mean one false start after the next and maybe a short blog in the end complaining about the trouble writing a blog post. The right schedule and the right plan can help get you to the place where you can fill up your blog with out too much struggle.

15 Tips to Create a Blog Post

1. Write out all of your categories on a calendar until you fill out an entire month.

2. Spend a day at the library going through books and magazines that focus on the different categories and write down lists of five to ten points from each item and use those lists to create your posts.

3. Go back to your articles from the same time last year and rework those old articles. Be sure to also link back to the old articles.

4. Visit your favorite blogs that are related to your niche and read through the archived posts for inspiration. DO NOT copy their posts but only use their posts for inspiration.

5. Make one day a week a wordless post and load photos and images that represent your niche.

6. Create a series of posts around your favorite sayings. Start by making a list of all your favorite sayings and then create a post for each saying.

7. Set aside one day a month to write a “20 things I learned” post and base the post around a favorite decade (or year), movie, television show, family member or even children’s book.

8. Let your work be the inspiration and base your articles off the articles that you are doing for pay.

9. Break an eBook down into short posts and let that one eBook be the beginning of a series.

10. Make a blog post based on the things that you should NOT be doing.

11. Use the news. Let the news of the day be the inspiration for your post for the day. Do a keyword search for news articles that are based on your category keywords.

12. Build up to a holiday. Write a series of posts about or around an upcoming holiday.

13. Set up a series of giveaways and write a post based around each one.

14. Use your personal experiences – the things that you are doing in your own life – to inspire your posts. Your readers will learn something and also become more connected with you personally.

15. Start with a great line. Write out the perfect opening line or steal one from a movie, song or book – and make the rest of the post to match that one line.

It can be easy to become overwhelmed with posting articles day after day. Having the right inspiration and the right schedule will help to keep you on track for consistent posts for your blog.

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  1. Hi Kathryn –

    Great post. I only blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday due to time constraints. Inspiration also comes from interacting with my blog readers in the comment section, as well as conversations with friends and family.

    I keep a list of ideas. At the moment, I’m trying to get three weeks’ of posts done. The next few months will be hectic. If I can stay ahead, it takes a lot of pressure off me. I love that scheduling feature!

    Thanks again. I’ll be linking to this post in a future Friday Round-Up. 🙂


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