Finding a Writing Conference

This year we are going to get a way together. My friend and I have been talking about attending a writing conference together for the last several years. It usually ends up that one of us has to back out for some reason or another. This year we will be finding a writing conference that we can make and no excuse will work!

Top Tips for Finding a Writing Conference

    • Know your budget – there are hundreds of writing conferences all around the world. Your budget will have to get you to the conference, get you in the conference, and give you a place to stay while at the conference.

    • Know your schedule – you should avoid beginning the search process until you have picked out a time when you can attend. It would be horrible to find the perfect conference only to discover that the kids are doing their review that weekend.

    • Know your needs – each conference will offer difference focuses. Find the one that fits your niche or that has classes centered on a subject where you would like to expand.

    • Know the instructors – look at who will be leading the classes, providing the keynote addresses and even leading the conference. Check them out on the internet. Find people that will offer you the knowledge and wisdom to help take you to the next level with your writing.

    • Know the size of the conference – in the end, conferences are about connections. Thousands of attendees mean less interaction with individuals. Smaller conferences tend to allow people to build relationships even in a short amount of time.

    • Know the time limits – some conferences are for the day, for the weekend or for the week. Longer conferences may provide more information, but they will also take more out of pocket.

The number of variables that are involved with writing conferences are almost as vast as the types of writers that attend. Invest some time into researching the different writer conferences that are available and you will be more likely to find the one that will fit your needs, interests, schedule and budget.

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