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Simple Moments Make Room for Amazing Opportunities

The simple moments of life can be the catalyst for amazing opportunities. Simple moments can also be the first rock in an avalanche of destruction. The truth of it all is that the little things can be the key to the big things, so you have to care about the little things as much as the big things.

simple moments

I drove home with fingers still attempting to defrost from the cold temperatures outside. The cold and I aren’t good friends. It is especially annoying when the cold is too cold but not cold enough to turn moisture into amazing white flakes dancing in the sky.

This particular day, the annoyance was all that much worse because the bright blue sky should accompany a warm spring or summer day. Instead, it deceitfully lit up a too cold morning.

I turned the corner and lining the road was a patch of white ribbon and swirls that climbed up strands of grass. We call them “ice flowers” and we have been encountering these amazing creations of nature since we moved out to our land some 20 years back.

These “ice flowers” are a bright spot on even the coldest morning. Turning to see a field of these amazing nature designs became a bright spot in my morning. The flowers shifted my focus if only a little. The cold didn’t feel quite so cold. I even stopped to brave the cold and take a few pictures. I took a few extra moments to appreciate the delicate design of the lacy “petals” that would melt back into the dirt within hours of sunrise.

My time with the “ice flowers” was a simple moment, but it changed the focus of my day.

A Simple Moment Shift

    A simple moment can turn your attention from the struggles to the hope. I stopped seeing the cold in the negatives of my frozen fingers and saw it through the crystalized lace of the flowers.

    A simple moment can change a problem into a possibility. Cold may not be something I enjoy but it is the only way I can encounter such an amazing natural wonder.

    A simple moment can ignite a contentment from a place of discontent. I don’t have to like the cold to appreciate what it allows.

The simple moments can make room for more than would be possible on their own. Take time to appreciate the simple moments. Take time to appreciate the intricate creations that come in those simple moments. Allow each simple moments to make room for amazing opportunities in your life.

Be blessed,
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Find Your Simple Moments

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