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4 Ways Investing in Others Clears the Way Peace

Investing in others brings peace to the journey. It is up to me to choose each day to find ways to edify the people I encounter. Little investments can make a big change for all of those involved.

investing in others

“Let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which we can edify each other.”
from Romans 14:19

The day went too long and the detours outnumbered the breakthroughs (and overwhelmed me in the process). I was tired. I was frustrated. All I wanted to do was yell about the problems I faced.

I needed to vent.

I went to my social media feed to let it all out. Instead, I found a comment from a friend that shifted my focus from my problems to her need for encouragement. The more I invested in encouraging her, the smaller my problems became.

Things didn’t go away, but peace showed up to make dealing with the things a little easier. It turns out peace grows up for me when I invest in others. Once peace showed up, I was positioned to keep going and the need to yell had vanished.

If you want more peace in your life then you need to find your ways to be investing in others.

Ways to Edify

    investing in others
    Start with a smile. It might not seem like a big thing, but a smile is a big impact in a small package. If you make the choice to smile more then you will find that you see more smiles throughout your day.

    Say something positive. Positive comments show others that we appreciate them. Appreciation provides peace for you and for the ones to whom you show your appreciation.

    Give a little extra. Go the extra mile or do a little extra. A little extra won’t take much time or even much effort, but it will edify the others that receive the little extra.

    Listen to the needs. Let the other person tell you what is needed instead of trying to provide what you want. Taking the time to listen can be the best way to invest in edifying.

The things that make for peace – for you and for others – are the things that lift up, encourage, and edify. It’s not about the size of the action but about the heart. When you open your heart by investing in others then you make a change for all involved.

Be blessed,
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