Pushing Forward Beyond Your Mistakes

CRASH. The only thing worse than hearing that noise from the other room is hearing that noise from the other room followed by, “oops.” I live in a small house full of boys and things can get out of hand. I have heard this scenario on more than one occasion.

SEND. That is the feel of the worst thing that can happen on the internet. You hit the send button only to realize that your phone or tablet, being so smart, has rewritten what you wanted to write. Nothing hurts more for a writer than to see their post incorrectly posted. I have had this happen to me on more than one occasion.

Mistakes happen – in life and online. What you do next will make all the difference.

Turning Around the Mistakes of Life

    – accept that mistakes happen. It is not a failure. It is just one more way of not doing what you want to do.

    – recognize that mistakes cannot be changed. It is what it is. Worrying about what was will not change what is yet to come.

    – move forward. Take another step, even as you are trying to work within and around any mistakes or mishaps.

    – share with others. Allow others to learn from what you experience and you will begin to find your own path to healing.

    – review the experience. Go back over the events and begin to find ways you can avoid a repeat of the mistake or mishap.

    – make a new plan. You may not be in a position to avoid what happen, but you can take steps to overcome the results.

Not everything works out the way we want. Not everything happens the way we plan. Sometimes we trip, often times we stumble, most of the times we are a little off the mark. No matter how bad it looks (or feels), the mistakes do not have to determine the direction.

Take a step to move away from the mistakes and move forward into opportunity. What you do now will make the biggest difference with what happened before. Mistakes happen, flip them into possibilities to begin to make your writing success a reality.

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