Get Out of My Way

The other day it seemed like the whole world had set out to make me late. Every car I got stuck behind was going 15 miles UNDER the speed limit. Every line was long and the checkout person was slow. I spent thirty minutes in one store getting all the household products on my list only to get to the register and find that the stores computers were down. They could only take cash (that’s that green, folding stuff that none of us carry anymore).

Behind yet another slow car, I called a friend to vent. “There’s a conspiracy.” I laughed, and so did she.

But she had more wisdom that I could since I was in the situation at the time. “God is keeping you out of something.”

That was three weeks ago, and it only dawned on me this morning that when things in my life are interrupted, it’s not an attack. It may feel like it and it may look like it, but most often it is simply God putting a talking donkey in my path.

I’m reminded of my husband calling on his way to work. He was frustrated because he was already running late (the kids woke up early and wanted to see him off) and then there was a wreck that forced him to detour around. I immediately saw God’s hand in the situation because if he had left on time, he would probably have been IN the wreck.

I’m going to look at the inconveniences of life a little differently starting today. Instead of getting frustrated, I’m going to adjust and then thank God for whatever situation He kept me from or whatever blessing He is turning me towards.

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