Write through Misery and Exhaustion

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable and exhausted or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.”

I am a writer. I write because I love to move words around in a way that touches the hearts of others. I write because it is a gift and a talent that allows me to encourage others. I write because if I was not writing then I would be talking and eventually my family tells me to shut up.

Writing is a choice that I have made for my life. A few years back I also decided that writing would be my career. There have been months when I was thrilled with that choice. There have been more months when I agreed with my critics that I had lost my mind.

No matter which end of the emotional spectrum I woke up on, I still had to write. Writing when I was encouraged has always been the easier route. Writing when I am questioning my choices and my talent is like taking care of an injured chipmunk – painful and frustrating.

There are going to be times when I get discouraged about my path. The amount of work that I need to do that day will not change. I have to learn to develop a pattern that will allow me to write with the consistency that will help me break through to my purpose.

What are the tips that you have for a writer struggling with misery and exhaustion?

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