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The Little Freelance Writer That Could

There is never enough time in the day. Even with a schedule, a to-do list and a calendar to remind me of everything that needs to be accomplished in 24 hours then I still find myself struggling to get it done. Work takes a priority, followed by family and the home and sometimes I even let me have a few minutes here and there – then it is bed time all of a sudden! A full day goes by and not word one has been written for my creative writing, my novel or any other endeavor that I am aiming towards.

NO MORE! I will get my own writing in if I have to squeeze it out between work breaks!

    1. I am going to pay myself (yes actual cash) for the articles and material that I write for my own projects. Even though I’m not making money yet it is important for me to see the value in what I am doing!

    2. I am setting deadlines. Structure is nice and having a deadline for projects makes it easier to do those projects. In my life anything with out a due date gets pushed to the bottom of the list. Putting a date on my own writing will force me to put some of my focus on that writing.

    3. I am actively looking for assistance to grow my writing – entering a contest on The Men with Pens website that will help me gain focus even if I don’t win, setting a meeting with a friend that already has a successful performance and presentation career and continuing to make contacts in and around the freelance writing community.

    4. I am giving up television – during the week. It I don’t turn it on then it can’t sap my energy and my time. There is nothing on the television as important as my goals and nothing that I can’t live without (if I can turn away to get a snack, watch another show or even talk on the phone then it’s probably not worth my time in the first place).

    5. I am going to keep a mini notebook in my purse, in my car and in the bathroom (with a pen or pencil attached) so that when inspiration strikes I can get down an outline or the beginnings or the article, story or novel idea. No more getting to my desk and trying to catch the idea that has retreated to the back of my mind.

I will write. I will post. I will be the little writer that could find the time to work, enjoy family, keep the house and write the things that stir my passion!

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