7 Tips to Go From Meh to WOW – The Empowerment of Expectations

Create empowerment by taking control of expectations.

What you see or what you are seeking is what you get. I took the lessons I learned from freelance writing and found a way to apply it to my everyday life. A little change of focus can open up a whole new world.

I attended a conference at the local Chamber of Commerce. My goal was to connect with businesses to land new clients and not so much to learn from the presenter. I appreciated his investment in doing the event, but he had already confessed it was not his strength so I with low expectations. I knew more about the topic than he did. I went into the meeting with the focus of meeting clients but not learning.

One of these days I will remember what I expect is what I get. I was put in a situation where I had to adjust my intended activities (because of others around me) which pushed me to do more listening. The words I heard when I changed my focus allowed me to uncover ideas that would have slipped past otherwise.

I could have tuned him out. I could have distracted others with my actions and disinterest. Instead, I wrote.

I took the generic information he offered, added the insights he provided, and customized it to fit my own target audience. I also took his information and used it for search ideas to find more in-depth explanations of the topic.

I made an effort.

Everything in my life comes down to that one idea – I have to make the effort.

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The Empowerment of Expectations

1. What I put in will determine (in part) what I receive back.Every time I look out my window I see something new and amazing – even though I have been looking out that window for over two decades – WHEN I am looking out to see what I can see.

2. The ordinary becomes extraordinary with the right shift. A meal is just food that fuels the body for the next movements – until you add family that visits once a year, or friends in town for a season, or laughter and sharing. With a little shift, the meal becomes an experience. Unlocking the potential of the extraordinary is as simple as choosing to see more than what is there.

3. One time through is not enough. I attended a different conference several months back. The director stopped me between sessions and asked me where I was attending next. I told him I was going to hear a mutual friend. “That’s the same speech she gave at the luncheon the other day.” He considered it a warning. I took it as a challenge. I can learn something new or something better from the same content if I am determined to glean something new.

4. I can learn from you. I may know it all (and according to my kids I THINK I know it all) but that does not lessen your voice. We are each on a unique journey and those unique experiences and directions provide a unique voice that can only be shared by one. I can learn from you IF I am willing to learn from you.

5. Action speaks louder than learning. What I choose to do with what I hear will have more effect on my journey than all the learning combined. I heard Bryan Harris mention how hopping from one class to another or seeking out different systems was a way for finding the “easy button” or putting off practical application for “pie in the sky” dreams. I MUST take action with the learning if the learning is going to be worth it.

6. Nothing new exists – only a new way to look at it. I am that new way. I am the difference. I am the element that makes my way and my voice and my presentation different from all the others. The more I take in and then filter through the “me” part, the more I will create.

7. It may not be what I think it may be. The reason I attended the event turned into something different (once I dropped the selfish focus). I open up a world of possibilities when I turn my attention out into the world instead of keeping it directed back at me.

I saw a conference about a topic I already knew. I went into the event with limited expectations. A focus twist allowed me to come out with a wealth of information I might have otherwise missed.

Are you willing to make the effort?

Be blessed,

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Empowerment of Expectations - Invest in effort

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